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Hoosier Adds New Drag Front Option

Hoosier Adds New Drag Front Option

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Lakeville, IN - Hoosier Racing Tire has added the New 26.0/4.5-17 Drag Front to its already impressive line-up of drag racing tires. Adding a quality set of drag wheels and tires to your modern-day performance vehicle has always been a challenge with factory big brakes. This new Hoosier 17-inch drag front tire is designed explicitly for big brake clearance for the modern muscle cars such as Challengers, Camaros, Corvettes, Shelby GT500s, Mustang GTs and CTS-V. This makes it easier for late-model performance enthusiasts to bolt on aftermarket wheels for the drag strip. This New size 26.0/4.5-17 is a tubeless light weight construction weight with minimal rolling resistance and high-speed stability. This new tire is just another example of why Hoosier Racing tires are “Tires Designed For Champions” 

Item #     Tire Size      Tread Width  Approx. Dia.  Approx. Circ.  Measured Rim   Section Width    Compound   Weight

18103    26.0/4.5-17         4.5"              26.3"                82.0"             17x4.5"                  5.8"                 Drag Front   11.5 lbs.

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