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Decal Requests

The new contingency decals for the 2023 season are available in several sizes.


To request Hoosier Racing Tire decals, please send your DECAL request to this email along with the below information:

-Division of racing you participate in

-Types of events you compete in

-Mailing address

-Decal selection (include your choice from the below options)

*Mail to United States and Canada only

PRIMARY DECAL: 2.75" X 9" / 70 mm x 228 mm

FENDER DECAL: 3.5" X 11" / 65 mm x 415 mm

SMALL DECAL: 1.75" X 6" / 44 mm x 152 mm

LARGE DECAL 3.5" x 11.25" / 89 mm x 285 mm

EURO PLATE DECAL: 4" x 14" / 101 mm x 355 mm

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