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New UTV/SxS Short Course Off Road Tire Now Available

New UTV/SxS Short Course Off Road Tire Now Available

Lakeville, IN – Thanks to great feedback from several of the best UTV/SxS teams in the country, and excellent work by Hoosier’s Engineering Staff, the Lakeville, IN based company is pleased to introduce its first UTV/SxS Short Course Specific Race Tires. The new Hoosier 27.5/8.0-15 Production 1000 tire, in S500 and M500 compounds, are in stock and ready to take you to the podium today. 

Hoosier’s new tires took their maiden voyage at the 50th Anniversary of the Crandon Off Road Races in Crandon, WI on Labor Day Weekend. Saturday saw many of the Hoosier-shod drivers find trouble, but Robert Loire still carried the flag for the brand and brought home a second-place finish in Pro Stock main event.

On Sunday, the new Hoosier Tires found their groove. California hotshoe Myles Cheek drove his new Hoosier M500’s to the Pro Stock Red Bull UTV Championship. Cheek was followed closely by Minnesota pilot Jeremy Houle, also sporting Hoosier’s new UTV/SxS M500 tires. Just two events later, Tim Farr drove his Bak40 Motorsports Can-Am, also shod with new Hoosier UTV/SxS M500’s, into victory lane in the Pro Mod class, giving Hoosier two Crandon Championships in their first full weekend with the new tire.

“We could not be happier with the initial results from Crandon.” Rrelayed Hoosier Product Manager Shanon Rush. “To claim two championships was great, but with two different manufacturers, truly shows the versatility of our new tires. We can’t wait to finish out the west coast season with our exciting new products.”

The new Hoosier UTV/SxS tires feature stiffer, four-ply sidewalls and increased tread depth for more cut-resistance and better performance during the early laps of events. The ultra-soft S500 compound should perform well on wet, tacky, or slimy surfaces while the reliable M500 compound remains the same to continue offering the best grip on dry, dusty, sandy, and hard-packed surfaces.

Hoosier also continues development on a more aggressive tire for the Pro Mod/Turbo class that they hope to launch in the very near future. For more information on the new Hoosier UTV/SxS tires, or to place an order, contact your nearest Hoosier Racing Tire Distributor.

 Item #  Tire Size Pattern  Tread Width  Diameter Circ. Wheel  Section  Compound
16400  27.5/8.0-15  Chain Link 8.0" 27.5"  87.5"   7.0-8.0"  10.4"  S500, M500 

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